Yayıncı:Kayık Yayıncılık
Yayın Yeri : İstanbul
Dili : Türkçe
Ebat : 23 x 33
Cornucopia 01
Sayı : 01
Tarih : 1992
Sayfa Sayısı : 142
Liste Fiyatı : 1.000,00 USD
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Açıklama :

Cover story
Sweet Waters:Lake Egirdir
By Jeremy James Photographs by Manuel Citak


The train cuts the gorge and there it is: a wide band of shivering silver, the sleeve of the morning sun lying across the lake of Egirdir. Jeremy James discovers in the mountains above Antalya in southwest Turkey, a town lapped by the passage of history, and the waters of one of Turkey's most beautiful lakes.


Also by Jeremy James in this issue:
Pastures New
In 1986, armed with a pair of jodhpurs, a chest of horse medicine and a saddle, Jeremy James bought an Anatolian stallion and spent the next nine months riding the two thousand miles home from a mountain village in western Turkey to Wales. The book of the journey,
Saddletramp: From Ottoman Hills to Offa's Dyke, was published by Pelham Books (now out of print).
Cornucopia invited James to retrace his journey.


Cornucopia 01   

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